About Fielding Gardens

Our Management

Fielding Gardens has been family owned and managed since its beginning. You’ll often find the Landlord on the grounds talking with the residents and providing customer service when needed. This sets us apart from many large corporately owned apartment complexes where the owners are inaccessible.

Our Personnel

You’ll find our office and maintenance personnel to be courteous, competent and efficient. We do our best to deliver quality service in a timely manner. We believe that one of the best evidences of this service is the length of tenancy of our residents and what they have to say about life at Fielding Gardens (see below).

Our Residents

Over 90% of our residents are 55 years of age or older which makes us a 55+ adult community. Many are former home owners who have opted for maintenance and hassle-free apartment living. A recent survey showed that approximately one third of our residents have lived at Fielding Gardens for over 10 years, and 10% more than 20 years. Please read some of the kind words they have to say.



Living Here

“I love it here. I wouldn’t live any place else.”

“People here are very friendly.”

“It’s quiet, convenient to all the shopping.”

“Everything you need is right around the corner, from gas stations to banks to Wegmans.”

“I’ve been here over 20 years, if I didn’t like it here, I wouldn’t be here that long.”

“Friends referred us to Fielding Gardens and we couldn’t be happier.”

“This is not an apartment, this is my home.”


“When work needs to be done it’s done.”

“Maintenance is right there when you need them.”

“If everything wasn’t up to date and taken care of I wouldn’t be here because I’m finicky.”

“I’ve never had anyone so patient and go so far out of their way to help me as when I came to your office.”

“You won’t find anyone who works harder than the maintenance staff.”


“I wouldn’t replace my landlord with anyone.”

“Management is very helpful and there if you need them.”

“Overall attitude of the landlord is that this is your home, it’s not just an apartment.”

“The Landlord is exceptional. He’ll talk to you any time, anywhere. He’s there when you need him.”

“Everyone here has always been so understanding, especially the Landlord.



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